MP 1.3.19 Crashes when starting

Hi there,

I Have MP 1.3.19 running fine on My win desktop but cant get it to run on My Toughbook cf-19 MK2
2x1,2 Ghz Core 2Duo
4 GB

Really annoying

MP Log file Attached

It says something about The font Arial not beeing abel to support regular
:laughing: I´m sure I can do Arial in regular on My Laptop!

What can I do???

Please help, cheers

There has been a recent update to NET Framework 4.5. Have you updated?
I just updated to MP 1.3.19 manually and it started without the issue you are seeing. I am running Windows 8.1 on an HP laptop.

Cheers for the Quik response,

But thats not it .NET is the Latest 4.5.50983 - as of 27.02.2015

Windows Pain in the… Head

seems that my attachement didnt get in… anyhow here again

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Cheers TCIII That was The right hint, Its solved!!!

It was actually the Font!
seems like Microsoft has replaced the old fashioned Arial Regular
with their own Arial Regular MS.
Hence MP couldnt find the recources as it needs Arial Regular to be installed in the system.

Please see the following Link To find The FREE Microsoft Download of the recouces required