MP 1.3.16 not loading zoomed in tiles

Some areas of Google sat tiles load great, but right down the street, only high altitude tiles load. Bing maps work, but pretty dated. I’m using them for now, just wanted to give a heads up.

One area on Google Earth looks like it was updated within the last month, according to what I see in my mom’s yard! MP does not load that area in any detail.

Thanks to the DEV Dudes for doing all of this!

have you looked on google maps or google earth itself? have you seen them in high res prior? Maybe its just googles data.

Edit, never mind just seen your other post

I don’t know why, but DP is now loading those hi res tiles
that would not load when I posted this. I haven’t updated anything in DP, so I assume it was something with google data files all along.


Your original post said your issue was with MP (Mission Planner) yet your final post says that the issue with DP (DroidPlanner) is working now. Which is it?:slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion. BOTH MP and DP are loading the high res tiles now. No changes to either, by me, so must have been something with google?