MP 1.3.0 cannot set flight mode to auto

Parameter “MODE1” =10 (auto) and initial setup>flight modes> Flight mode box 1 shows Auto, [color=#BF0040]BUT[/color] flight data screen and initial setup>flight modes>Current mode shows HOLD

[attachment=0]MP no auto mode.JPG[/attachment]

what firmware? looks like rover?

Yes, Rover 2.45 which was working prior to MP upgrade.
I am going back to MP 1.2.9 to see if I can get things working again - time permitting…

Which brings up another question: Where can I download previous MP versions?
The only thing I can find is “permanent link to latest version”

Updated to 1.3.1 and still no joy. Same symptoms.

Where can I download MP 1.2.9?

Did system restore back to MP 1.2.99 and get same results as above!

are you sure its not a setup issue. ie there is a mission uploaded?

For rover, AUTO will default to HOLD if there’s no GPS lock.