MP 1.2.97 wizard cannot calibrate accelerometer/compass

Using wizard for initial setup of rover. MP 1.2.97, APM 2.6 ver. 2.45, Win 8.

After completing step 3 of 16, Wizard jumps to step 5 of 16 (accelerometer calibration). After clicking the start button, all I can do is click the continue. Images on the page do not change, original image is of quad with caption “none”. After going back several times, I eventually get the screen as shown in pix and I cannot continue.

[attachment=0]small mp.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=0]mp wiz error scrn.JPG[/attachment]here is another screen shot. This happens several seconds after I click the start button. Note that I could not resize the dialog box to capture all of the text.

this is most likerly a usb power issue. please try a different port/cable/pc

Came back a few days later and using same USB port, the wizard worked.
Probably pilot error or Win 8 weirdness…