Moving baseline vs Static baseline at the same time?

Hello guys,

I am curious that can we both these 2 functions simultaneously?
. When we use Dual GPS for heading: GPS_TYPE = 17,18 (“UBlox moving baseline base, rover”)
. When we just use “normal” RTK, just let GPS_TYPE = 1

What if we have 3 GPS modules can we do 1 for static base, 1 for moving base, 1 for moving rover?
If yes, please advise the setting.

I am thinking about using GPS_INPUT mavlink message with Yaw field to Telemetry 1 or 2. At the same time, we may have 1 static base (for surveying) and “normal” GPS in Serial3 for receiving RTCM.
Any ideas?

Am am not sure if I understand what it is that you are questioning but it is perfectly possible to have a moving baseline setup using two GNSS modules on your vehicle to give you heading and still utilise corrections from a base station (either your own local setup or via the internet) to give you a precise location.
If you send RTCM corrections to your vehicle using mavproxy/mission planner/mavlink from a fixed base station then they will be sent to the GNSS module set up as GPS_TYPE = 17 so it can compute an RTK fix. This module sends its own RTCM corrections to the module set up as GPS_TYPE = 18 for it to compute its own relative RTK fix (from which it derives its position and heading). Because this relative fix is derived from the now accurate location of the moving baseline base, it too has an accurate location.

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Yes, you understood clearly my question and gave it a great answer. Thanks so much for this.