Moving baseline not getting RTK fix

Hi everyone.

I’ve followed the SHIP LANDING PAGE and have a beacon with a cube orange/Cuav C-RTK 2HPand a quadplane with a cube orange /here4 gps. All of the lua scripts work and were tested on field. The plane does the approach and lands. The beacon and plane are connected via RFD radios. GCS is connected directly to the beacon cube orange usb port for now. There was no difference if it was connected with mesh radios, or two radio systems with “forward between links” in Mission planner.

Problem is, it doensn’t have an RTK fix, so it lands “only” with normal GPS accuracy. (2m radius from target)

I suspect that the plane isn’t getting the corrections from the base station.
How can i check that the plane is getting GLOBAL POSITION INT packets?

Thanks for the help.

beacon_params.param (15.7 KB)
quadplane_params.param (22.0 KB)