Moving base not operational

2 JUL 2016
Windows 7
Arducopter 3.3.3
Mission Planner 1.3.38

Using a NMEA GPS on the ground connected to a laptop update the purple pointer on the “Flight data screen” (Home position?). (That is good!)

RTL initiated from a Tx switch return to the takeoff position (not to the moving home position),

Having the update rally point “tick box” selected (or not) makes absolutely no difference.

Hi henrik04, I have the same problem as you, did you finally get a correct RTL?

@Atico That was with Arducopter 3.3.3 Flying today 3.6.x Did not try again to see if RTL return to the moving home position (or not)…

Please let us know your findings.

Thank you in advance.


ok, if I get it I’ll post it