【Moving Base】GPS Yaw + RTK + Ardupilot AC4.2 (without Compass)

HIi guys

I substitute double antenna of RTK for compass, it can provide not only precise position, but also heading information. it called moving base RTK

in this video using following setup, and run repeat waypotins auto mission.

  1. Ardupilot AC4.2 + Pixhawk Cube Orange
  2. GNSS Module: GPS YAW + RTK (all in one moudle)
  3. Disable all the compass on board

Let’s see the flight!!!


How did you configure these motors? Does Arducopter allow such a configuration? What exactly are your motor and propeller rotation directions?

rotation directions same like

need to swap the motor(ESC) wires change motor direction
image reference:How to Change Motor Direction in an FPV Drone? - Oscar Liang


how about the accuracy of the RTK

Is it some kind of advertising?

1cm at horizontal
2cm at vertical