Moving Base functionality?

Hey is Moving Base function working in MP ( hit Ctrl-F) ?
Just tried a USB serial GPS and the Comms popup seems to show NMEA data fine, but the home position in Flight Planner doesn’t update from the original position the APM was hooked up last.

moving base can either just show your current position on the map, or be used to update rally point 1.

the first is just display.
the seconds send a new rally point, that will be used for rtl.

Hi, thanks, that sounds like a good feature to have.
Does it currently work though ?

I can’t get it too on the latest MP, it shows good NMEA strings, but the map Home position does not update.
Is there a step I need to take to get MP to accept a new Home from the GPS ?


the home point wont move, another icon should appear and be labelled moving base.

I see. OK, that didn’t happen for me. I’ll try again sometime.