Movement control in relative space

Hello everyone, I’m a beginner in UAV and am trying to do small distance movement control automatically without the controller ( that means the GPS isn’t accurate enough for me). I am trying to build on top of the Tower/Droidplanner android app, is there any function that I can call to move the drone in relative space? For example move_left() instead of setting another GPS coordinates.

I’m considering sending a new MAVlink command if there isn’t such a function. However, I also can’t find any mavlink message generator function like the message factory in Dronekit for Python. Is there any similar or equivalent functions in Android?

I use the 3DR SOLO by the way.


Any one has any idea of pointing me in the right direction?

There is joytick suport over mavlink. you can use that. Mavproxy and mission planner can both do that.