Move or slide 'map image' to align with GPS position?

Is there some option that I am missing in MP or MP2 to slide the google satallite image to align it with my actual GPS position for my machine?

For example, I have a large (8inch) white plastic cover in my yard that is visable on the google satallite view. If I place my machine directly on that cover and wait for 10 satallite to lock in and my position is solid on MP, my position appears to be 12feet away from that cover.

I’d like to see a feature where I can manually adjust the satallite graphic to match my observed GPS position. Does this feature exist and I’m just missing it?
This is for my rover project & part of my requirements are to drive down dirt roads.


So, i’m still searching for an answer for my problem about rectifying my GPS position to my displayed position on APM Planner(Mac & Win), Droidplanner, Ardupilot, or Tower (DP3)… below is a screenshot from my Nexus 7 running DP.
The orange path is recorded by me walking the perimeter of my driveway. The path is consistent and good, but it’s accuracy according to the google-map image is off by 15-20 feet.

The Blue path is a photoshop overlay I made to show what i would like my path to look like.

how can i make this happen?

thank you for any help you can offer.

this is a google issue, MP, DP etc all use google data, and there is no fix.