Mounting the Pixhawk upside-down


I want to mount my Pixhawk on the bottom section of my quad (with the arrow still be pointing to the forward flight direction) .

Is there a special setting I should change? Or everything will be taken care of automatically while doing the first calibration?

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AHRS_ORIENTATION is the param you need to change to roll180.
On mission planner it is in advanced param tab I think.

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So, it isn’t taken care of automatically by the wizard during the initial calibration?

No, it isn’t.
Before you fly check that the rc calibration is correct too, and make sure that stabilisation is operating in the correct direction. The ahrs_orientation param should correct for these, but it’s worth the extra few minutes to make sure.



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Thanks for your help.
That’s strange when you come to think of it…
During calibration, the wizard knows when the aircraft is leveled and when it’s upside down - what information it lacks to make the correct decision ?

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I’m unsure of the logic behind the decision to use a param, rather than make the assumption from calibration. I suspect it has to do with ensuring that the attitude estimate and stabilisation solution are provided relative to the vehicle frame rather than Just using offsets (which in your case may result in inverted pitch and roll outputs).