Mounting Pixhawk and GPS


Why do Pixhawks and GPS modules not include mounting holes but instead only rely on tape, which needs to be replaced after a few uses?

Is the tape supposed to aid in the vibration dampening? If I 3D print a sort of case for it to fit in, then screw that case to the main frame, would it impact the flight performance?

They don’t rely only on tape. That’s one mounting method. Mounting solid, especially in aircraft with combustion engine(s) adversely affects flight performance. You want the IMU to measure acceleration and inertial forces, and not be affected by vibration from engines/motors/props.

I have my Pixhawks and APM’s mounted in the airframe with carbon fiber “jello mounts”. These are pretty common and made in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and I’ve never replaced one, or had a problem with one, yet in hundreds of hours of flight time:

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Sorry perhaps I should have made my premise a bit clearer.

Currently for the Pixhawk I do mount it using some really sticky 3M tape, onto the damping plate with dampers as shown in the link you posted.

The GPS however is mounted using that same 3M tape on a GPS mount. To clarify my main question - when I meant tape I meant any adhesive.

The damping plates are not the problem, they are screwed into my main frame and are secured properly. However, it’s mounting the Pixhawk TO the damping plates. I can’t make a 3D printed piece to secure it firmly down onto the top damping plate?

What I mean is something like this:

Screw mount
Upper damping plate
Vibration dampers
Lower damping plate
Screw mount

Can I do that? Screw mount the Pixhawk to the upper damping plate? It’s not screw mounted DIRECTLY to the frame because it does have the intermediary vibration dampers to cancel out the medium and high frequency vibrations.

I certainly see nothing wrong with making a screw mount. However, I must add that I’ve never been able to get a FC or GPS unit off the mounting plate when stuck on there with that 3M double-sided tape unless I cut it off with an x-acto knife or razor blade. I generally consider the two pieces to have become one, and if I need to move the GPS or FC to a different aircraft I move the plate with it. I’ve certainly never had to replace it after a few uses. I clean the two surfaces with rubbing alcohol before sticking it on there and it’s pretty much permanent.