Mount control & Mode through mission planner

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I’ve been (slowly) trying to set up a cheap servo-driven 2 axis gimbal for a project but have been having some issues.

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I am not able to set any value in the actions tab in MP for the mount mode. Also, I don’t know what is even supposed to be in there. I did see a parameter called MNT_MODE in Arduplane version 3.1 on my fixed wing, but I don’t see anything in the Arduplane wiki that explains what those values mean. I currently have the value set to 3.

Mission Planner 1.3.30, operating on Windows 8.1

HKpilot32 pixhawk clone, running Arduplane 3.1

I do have other questions regarding the use of ROI, follow me with a fixed wing, and calibrating the gimbal itself, but I haven’t found anyone that can offer first-hand answers to my questions. I’m hoping that if I can figure out the questions posted above, that I can figure out the rest and post a youtube video for other people.

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I meant to attach a screenshot, but now I’m posting from my phone. In the actions tab in mission planner, the drop down box for mount mode is blank.