Motors unresponsive tricopter VTOL?

Hello, I have set up a configuration where all 3 motors tilt to VTOL from the forward flight for my tricopter setup. The motors however are unresponsive in QSTABALIZE, QHOVER, and input from the controller to motor 1, motor 2, and motor 3, but I know the controller works since the throttle of Radio Calibration is responsive and so are the elevons. The 3 tilt servos are responsive to input from changing modes(unlike throttle) but don’t seem to move and try to adjust when I’m in QSTABALIZE or QHOVER. The 3rd motor is also at zero and for some reason doesn’t respond to the motor test. Also, the throttle responds when I add a throttle part instead of motor 1, 2, etc., I don’t know If that helps. Do you have a fix for this issue? Am I supposed to use different motor outputs?

thank you,
Frank Lucci

motors not respoding

I think the rear motor should be Motor 4.

I tried this abs fixed the 3rd motor issue, but the motors are still unresponsive? My remote is armed and when i add a throttle servo output it works fine, dont know if that helps?

I’m confused by that. Do the motors work when you use the motor test function in mission planner?

Yes they do just not when i input throttle

Post a param file. I’m still learning VTOL myself, but maybe somebody else can step in.

here are the params
vtolwingparams.param (23.0 KB)

Hey brother please tell me which firmware is this
And is this supported on pixhawk 2.4.8 or not

IM having the same problem did you find a solution , i built a t1 ranger with the f405 wing vtol flight controller and im having the same issue , test motors work but no input from the radio only if i put it in RCIN

Yes i did, a full reset and put all the necessary parameters again. reset the firmware and then redo all the parameters