Motors start suddenly at medium speed with light throttle

Hi! So, when I was testing my quad, I noticed that when I armed my quad the motors would spin even at min throttle, all the way down. So, I messed with the tuning/config section (Throttle Min or something) and now the motors stay off until about 10% throttle, then they jump on very suddenly at a fast speed. (Not enough to get it off the ground, though.) When I bring the throttle back down, the cut off quickly. I know the motors can do slower speeds, I’ve seen them during some of my initial tests. Did I mess something up? Thanks!

[mf]Copter/Flight Modes, Radio Configuration, and Failsafes[/mf]
Assuming that you are using 3.1 - you haven’t given the information as listed in the instructions on how to use this forum - the motors are supposed to spin on arm.
That is explained in the documentation which you were supposed to read before asking a support question, such is how you control this behavior.