Motors Spin in motor test, but not when armed by radio

I configured a new Quadcopter using a RadioLink Mini-Pix. I have gone through all of the setup and was able to run the motors and they work correctly. When I arm the motors with the radio I get the long tone, but no motors spin and then a couple of seconds a short beep. Any ideas how I can fix this issue?

I bought a Radiolink Mini Pix and I have the same problem, were you able to solve your problem with this? I can calibrate the engine, I can rotate it through the engine test, but when I arm I hear a long beep, in my osd it appears that it was armed but the engines do not rotate, that would suck this min pix

Did you find the problem and the solution? I have the same issue on Pixhawk 4 after firmware update. Perhaps a setting that needs to be overwritten? But where?

In MP motor test what was the lowest percentage for reliable startup of all motors? Not all motors are always equal.
For example if all motors will startup easily at 9%, use 0.09 for the value (or a fraction higher) of MOT_SPIN_ARM.
Add a bit (0.05) and call it MOT_SPIN_MIN , say 0.14
If MOT_SPIN_MIN is too high you wont be able to descend.

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