Motors Slowly Spin to Top Speed After Arming

Hello, I am building a QAV400 with the APM 2.6. I have redone every calibration possible. Here’s the issue:
When I arm the motors, they spin at their minimum speed. As soon as I move the throttle forward, they spin faster and continue to spin faster and faster regardless of where the throttle is set. When I move the throttle stick to minimum, they go back to their minimum speed, but as soon as the stick is moved forward a little they resume their ever-accelerating climb. I have the log files, but am unsure how to upload them because this new system will not let me.

You need to use upload button or include a link using google drive or one drive.


I tried doing that but it doesn’t want to allow BIN files. Is there something that I am missing? Thank you

You can post a link. upload to one drive or google drive and post a shared link here.


I’m really sorry, I honestly don’t know what you mean by that. Can you please include more detailed instructions; what do I need to do to get the raw BIN files onto this post.


Can you tell me if you ever got this issue resolved? I am having the exact same issue.

What version of APM are you running?

To upload a bin file here you use OneDrive or Google drive and upload it to them. Then create a share link off there site that you can post it with the Link Icon. That way later on you can delete your log file.


I have not interacted with my quad in some time. I contacted a representative from 3DR and he said that you must have a compass or GPS system in order for the quad to work. I currently do not have the money for a GPS but hopefully will in the future.

Not sure what the conversation you had with regard to them telling you you NEED a GPS. BUT. NO quad NEEDS a GPS… A GPS just makes controlling the unit easier to do. And it has barings to use to find where it you tell it to go. Holds a better hoover. Knows where home is and all that stuff. Just to fly it around a GPS not needed. Many fly without them all the time.


With respect to your conversation, it you are in STABILIZE mode as you may have read it is a Manual mode but will self level. What I have read regarding this issue is that the copter is (for what ever reason) feels it needs to gain altitude and will want to try to do so once you push thrust forward. So far, this is the only mode that it will do that for me. Other modes it does not.

I have just finished my rebuild, I will let you know how it behaves in other modes.

As far as a GPS is concerned, I just so happen to have on for sale for $15 w/ shipping if you are in the states.


Hey Glenn, did you ever figure out for sure if it was a mode issue? Thanks