Motors shudder after installing 4.4.4


So I rebuilt my drone today and upgraded to 4.4.4. I was testing my motors without the propellers attached, using my radio to ensure that everything is in order and after raising and lowering the throttle a couple of times the motors started to shudder. After shutting down the motors were warm to the touch. I’ve never experienced this with Ardupilot.

Testing the motors with the testing motors function does not reprodcuce this.

I would say it’s meaningless. Same Dshot protocol (Dshot600)?

No its 300 as was recommended

I took the drone for a “flight” without the props just to see if moving the drone would have some effect and it happened again and i was able to get the log and download.

I had a copter that was flying fine on Dshot300 - I changed the FC and updated arducopter and had problems with the motors. I changed it to Dshot600 and it’s been working fine.

I didn’t try to track down the problem as Dshot600 has been working fine.

It’s typically the most Stable in my experience. Except perhaps Dshot on IOMCU outputs. But that’s not the case here, the FMU outputs are being used.