Motors operational while disarmed


We have been having an issue today with our motor being operational while in a disarmed mode in MissionPlanner. Although the motors should not be operational given these parameters, it still receives input from an RC controller and spools up the motors in a disarmed state. Wondering if there is anyone who has encountered this problem.

Thank you.

Hey there, could you attach your current parameter set and any logs you might have? I haven’t encountered anything like this, would like to see what your setup is like.

Also, is this a recurring and/or repeatable issue?

As @frizensami noted we would need to see your parameters, (and preferably a log while disarmed showing the behaviour). There are a couple of parameters that if set would allow the motor to spin while disarmed, but they are all parameters that should be off by default. We’ll need a log to tell much more.

2018-03-27 17-14-54.log.param (14.0 KB)

@col_2 MANUAL_RCMASK 4 means RC3 is always controlled by the RCInput in manual, and will ignore any calibration values you applied. Because you have the safety switch disabled this allows the motor to spin while disarmed. Set MANUAL_RCMASK back to 0 (the default) and you shouldn’t see any more issues.