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Motors not connecting/ No proper PWM output (Pix32 v5)

We are first-time Builders and trying to set up my self-build tilt-rotor tri copter drone (I am working with a pix32v5). But we are having the issue that our Motors are not connecting to the Flight Computer and we are not able to get a proper output from the PWM ports of the flight computer i.e. the motors are making the no connection sound. Hardware issues concerning the Motors and ESC setup and wiring are out of the question as they were working just fine with the signal input from a transmitter that was directly connected to a radio controller. So the issue has to be somewhere with the flight computer. We tried about every troubleshooting guide we could find but were so far not able to pinpoint the problem. As already stated we are first-time builders so the problem could be pretty easy.
If you have any questions regarding the troubleshooting we did so far, please contact us; We are not quite sure which information is needed, but we are willing to provide you with further details.

Here is a Link to our parameter List:

Already thanks in advance for your replies

I haven’t checked your parameters but if you don’t have a safety switch fitted, make sure BRD_SAFETYENABLE is set to 0. If you do have the switch, you’ll need to press it.

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