Motors keep spinning at constant RPM no mention where ever the throttle is placed

Motors keeps spinning at same RPM even when the throttle is zero. No mention where ever the throttle is placed it spins at a constant rpm only. Plz help urgently.Recently built a f450 quadcopter. When I arm it using my flysky FS i6 transmitter the motors start spining at a constant RPM No mention where ever the throttle is placed.I have successfully calibrated the ESC as well as my transmitter. Plz help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for everyone. I am new in APM programming and I don’t know anything about programming so please give detailed steps if programming is needed in the APM. Detailed procedure means from starting till end and step wise. I will really appreciate your hard work.
I am attaching a YouTube video link for your ease to understand.I am using APM 2.8 as my flight controller and flashed it with 3.2.1 firmware. And ia6b as my reciever.

You will need to provide a .log file from the flight controller with as much logging turned on as possible.

Documentation starts here

You will get all your detailed steps from there.

Also details of the equipment you are using, make and model, how you have it hooked, what calibrations you have done, what tests you have done to find the problem.

Don’t know much on apm programming so I am giving you all my logs files. I have downloaded all the log files. Today when I connected my APM I am getting bad gyro health. Please help me with this issue . Thanks a lot in advance.

We are here to help voluntarily giving our time.
Uploading that many log files is not helping, and not many would be prepared to wade through all of them to look for a possible fault.
You have to help us to help you.

  1. Get rid of all those log files. They are not helping. And clear your log files from the APM.
  2. Turn on full logging. You are logging very little information at the moment. At the minimum RCout must be included.
  3. Conduct a test where you can run the copter for as long as you can, at least a couple of minutes. We need to some constant data not just rapid changes.
  4. Upload that one log file with a description of the test you ran.
  1. Turn on full logging. You are logging very little information at the moment. At the minimum RCout must be included.
    I didn’t understood this point.
    I can’t understand what is RCout must be included.
    When I try to download the log files it only says download all log files or download selected log files
    So what is the method to include Rc out. Plz elaborate. Thanks in advance

I’ve not used APM hardware, and I might have used AC 3.2 but I dont have a record of my parameters for it, so this is what I use in AC 3.5 and later

LOG_BITMASK 141310 (ok to leave this set forever, this will include RCout and most useful things)
LOG_DISARMED 1 (just for fault finding, set back to 0 after problems are fixed)

Reboot before running a new test. After the test just share that new .bin log file online to be inspected, delete or unshare all those many old log files in your google drive.
When you describe the new test also please add which channels in your RC transmitter are throttle, yaw, roll, pitch - so we can match them up to the channels that Arducopter is expecting.

You should be able to delete existing .bin log files off the SDcard if you wish via Mission Planner or APM Planner2 (whichever ground station software you use).