Motors have no effect

Have build my first Quad, a HexSoon EDU450 (motors and ESC that came with the kit + 3S 5000mAh Lipo) and done all pre-flight setups and checks.But when spinning up the motors, its seems like it lack power. The motors dont manage to lift the quad of the ground.

Also I see that two of the motors is starting later than the other two… Anyone seen this before?

Have you calculated if those motors and propellers have enough power to lift the weight of your vehicle?

Have you calibrated the ESCs ? Uncalibrated ESCs will not start spinning at the same time.

Do the semi-automatic ESC calibration

Have you got a .bin log we can check?

Yes, I have tried to calibrate the ESCs, but from what I read, it seems to be the issue (or at least the issues described is very similar…)
Have redone the calibration and will test again as soon as it get light.

Thanks for the link. I’ll get on it at once!

.bin file attached.2021-12-26 (391.6 KB)

I replied in the edu450 thread, you MOT_SPIN params are wrong
Use these:
You can change MIN and ARM if required, but usually never change MAX

@xfacta - That seems to sort the issue with the motors! All works fine… and now I got airborne!!! All fine!

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