Motors go weird when armed

The telemetry is next on my list once i get the Accell calib’s working. I think i have it at 8 percent. The video makes them look slower than they are, timing of the frames i guess.

Copter not strapped down or anything.

Is the SPIN_MIN > SPIN_ARM ? It must be.

At work, i’ll check later.

EDIT: I am pretty sure ARM is at 8% and min is at 10%, but i’ll check.

EDIT: Haven’t checked this yet, but is it possible for this setting to be different on each motor? For the behavior it makes allot of sense, other than its only on one motor.

This is not normal… I suggest you remove the propellers and redo Esc calibration at MIN_SPIN 11% , and at 8% . See the difference. After that, try to Arm, increase the throttle about 25% and try to move the drone by hand to see motor reaction.

Thanks for the suggestion, i will be getting her out on Saturday, and give this a go.

Well i have made some progress. I no longer have this issue. I updated to latest beta, and set spin_min to 15% and Spin_arm to 10%. Not sure what did it, but now i get motion out of all motors, and can make an actual attempt at takeoff. Accell and compass calibrations now work. However it just flops over as soon as it get off the ground. Same direction every time, flops over to the right. Seems like its just not giving those two motors enough power. Dug my props into the ground about 5 times, but never did get it off the ground in stable flight. Also started getting unhealthy GPS notices, never had those before.

I do have a question, i still cannot get the ESC calibration to do anything. If i connect motors to ports 1-4 on the flight controler and set the PWM type to normal, i can get it to run calibration, but with the motors connected to 9-12, which i understand i have to to use dshot, then i get no motor calibration, follow the same steps, but its like it just puts the FC into a sort of dead state, and then have to reboot it to get back to normal, but dont see any indication ESC calibration ran at all. Do i need calibration with dshot? Is this normal?

I also held the drone up in the air by hand while giving it some throttle, and moved it around to see if mortors react, and they do. It has plenty of power, it wanted to fly out of my hand, but i am trying not to crash my brand new drone to hard, so didn’t like ‘hand launch’ it or anything, just got a fell for how much power it had and if the control loops were working, and they seem to be.

Making some progress, thank you all for your help. I am going to get her out again today, and see if i cant make some more progress. I’ll keep you all posted.

Dshot does not require calibration. And it sounds like your motor order is wrong. 90% of the time that’s why a craft flips on take-off. Does it behave correctly when running Motor Test in Mission Planner?

Quad X

I triple checked this, i think its right. I may post another video, it all looks fairly good up until liftoff. It kind of seems like it has no authority in the roll axis. I armed it and set it to about 30% throttle, and then hold it in the air by hand, and i can tell pitch has good authority, but it doesn’t seem like roll does. All default PID settings. Haven’t touch them at this point. Redid radio calibration, all seems well there. It is totally behaving like motor order problem, but cant find it.

The motor test order is A, B, C, D.
Not 1, 2, 3, 4 !!!

Yes, i know. Ran the motor test in sequence mode, and one by one unplugged the motors to make sure test motor A was connected to port 1, etc… I think they are right, but i will post a video of the procedure next time i have a chance, it definitely seems like I’m missing something. I also tried to get BLheli32 passthough to work again to attempt to flash the esc, but it has never worked for me, and still doesn’t, i get 2 esc that read just fine, one that wont read at all, and one that reads sometimes and sometimes not. Because of this i have never flashed the ESC’s, they are as they where from the factory, motor direction done by wiring.

Post a link to the flight log of this event.

Sorry i haven’t had a chance to get the bird out. I appreciate your interest in helping, i will try to get this uploaded this weekend.