Motors dont have the same speed after ESC calibration

This is my first drone I assembled.
I’m not sure if this behavior is normal.

My Setup is:
Pixhawk 2.1 (cube)
Mission Planner
Firmware: copter 4.0.3

I made an ESC calibration several times but the result is always the same. The motors are not spinning at the same speed with the same throttle. (screenshot)

I hope someone with more experience can figure out what is going on.

Hi, this is normal since you have no props on.
In any case if you haven’t set the parameters pwm_mot_min/max to 1100/1940 it is recommended to do so.

pwm_mot_min/max will actually default to using the radio calibrated throttle input value. You only need to set them for certain ESCs that have a defined range and don’t support calibration.
Make sure the radio calibration is done first, then ESC calibration.
As Gal says, a multirotor doesn’t always operate as expected on the bench - it knows it’s not flying.

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Thanks @xfacta for the clarification!

If you can arm in stabilise mode and holding the craft by hand, you should be able to slightly tilt it in different directions and hear lower-side motors speed up to try and correct the tilt. Only use the minimum required throttle, or the craft will expect to be flying and changing altitude and probably cease to operate as desired (crash check and so on).
No props of course!
Or if you are brave/crazy/experienced and must have props on, you can hold it above your head, some one can also carefully operate pitch and roll sticks and see if the craft responds as expected. Yaw is hard to pick up like this, but it should work if pitch and roll are OK.