Motors don’t spin properly


my quad with Speedybee f405 v3 Stack and AP 4.4.3 is OK. But change to AP 4.5.3 leads to motors don’t spin properly. After battery plugin ESC sound strange and motors begin to spin slow and chaotically. When I test motors with Mission Planner Motor Test tab they don’t spin. After change BLHeli_S to Bluejay motors don’t spin at all, neither chaotically nor correctly.

But after revert to AP 4.4.3 motors spin properly, with Bluejay now.

Make sure you have SERVO_DSHOT_ESC set to the correct value


Thank you. It solved the problem.

You would not have had the problem in the first place if you would have used the ArduPilot Methodic Configurator software. :wink:

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