Motor with weaker spin and very high temperature + quadcopter flipping when takeoff on guided


When arming my quadcopter, one of the motors spin visually weaker, and heats up much much more then the others. When attempting to takeoff on GUIDED, the quad flips. I’ve attatched a video showing this at the end.

I’ve checked motor spin order / direction and props type (CW / CCW) and made sure they follow this.

I’ve changed motors, power distribution board and remade soldering, and the problem remains. Only changing escs solves the problem: exchange one esc for another makes the problem go to the other motor (the problem follows the esc). But I’ve tested with other 2 new (almost never used) escs and the problem remains. I’m finding it hard to believe my 3 escs are somehow broken, but can’t think of other explanation.

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem? Buying new escs is almost prohibitive for me at this moment.

What ESCs are they?
Is there bullet connectors involved?
Any possibility of a motor wire (or two) shorting to each other or something else?

If the ESCs have a 5volt BEC wire, usually a red wire in the centre position of their servo connector, then take that wire out of the servo housing and safely terminate it. You only need one of these left in place in case you want to run a small servo or something else of the servo rail.
You only need to have the outside two wires from each ESC, the signal (usually white) and ground or 0v (usually black) connected to the flight controller.