Motor Wiring to Pixhawk Order


I have been pulling my hair out trying to get a Pixhawk 2.1 with ArduPilot 3.5 on a quad off the ground. My current test is an Quad X 4 with T-Motors MT3520-11 KV400 and Maytech ESC’s 40A opto. I am coming from DJI Controllers and I think this mindset has been the major problem as ever flight it wants to flip. What I mean by my problem, DJI shows the motor order as follows:


However, when I again checked out the motor order on I was presented with this diagram:


So I am going to ask a really dump question which I believe is the solution to my question. I presume that I need to connect the motor on the bottom left shown by Ardupilot as #2 to the #2 position on the Pixhawk and similarly for the others?

I believe I have had the same problem with an X8 between DJI and Ardupilot. DJI’s X8 order is:


While Ardupilots motor order is:


For some reason, I looked at this before but it never clicked in my brain housing that I needed to rewire the motors according to the Ardupilots X8 diagram.

Just follow the Arducopter motor order/ channel number and direction…

I’ve built x4’s and x8’s - following the ardupilot docs works… just wipe out the dji part of your brain - numbering is different on Ardupilot…

One other very important point:

When you go to Initial Setup > Optional Hardware > Motor Test, the test sequence (A,B,C…) DOES NOT FOLLOW MOTOR NUMBER (1,2,3,4…) ORDER.

In Motor Test, Motor A is right Front, B is the next motor CLOCKWISE, and so on…