Motor wires keep breaking

On my hexa after soldering bullet connectors on the motor wires the connectors keep breaking off. The wire with solder above the connector is very brittle. Is there any thing I can do short of replacing the motor wires with better quality ones. Luckily this has happened mostly in transport and I notice the stuttering motor prior to takeoff, but I have had a couple of crashes.

Dont let the motor wires move. Fix them… if it moves then it will break, whatever wire or solder are you using.


Are you using some heat shrink like strain-relief to prevent the wire from flexing right at the solder?

Get rid of the bullet connectors… Solder wires directly together or t the ESC is best. The bullet solder connections break too often.

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I immobilized the connectors and wires and so far so good. I think the wires are higher in tin and like you guys said, if they flex they will crack. If I have to fix any in the future I’ll solder direct to the ESC.

Do you tin the wire and connectors separately before joining them? If one side does not heat up properly then you can get dry joints which sounds like what you are describing. But the best advice is to get rid of them. The less points of possible failure, the better.