Motor twitching when arming

Hi guys,

T-motor MN605-S 6s Arm set with 22 inch propellers
The integrated ESC is a T-motor alpha 60A LV

I was just out to fly today and when I armed, one of my motors just started to twitch back and forth. I tried to disarm and arm a couple of times and the same happened to the same motor. I than armed and gave the motor a little help by force turning it on the right direction which made it start up just fine.

After that, I tried to arm and disarm a couple of times and the issue did not appear again. I tried to fly and all worked just fine. Than I landed and again tried to disarm and arm with no issues.

I have set my mot spin arm to 0.1 which I know works for others. I recently took my drone apart to do some cable management. I ziptied down my motor cables. Could I have tightened it to hard around the cable making it flat or something?

Maybe I should increase my mot spin arm? My min is at 0.14 so they never go that low during flight. Maybe 0.11 would be better. I’ve noticed on previous flights that the motors spin up a bit slow during the first revolution of so. Sometimes even spinning a couple of degrees backwards before starting to turn like normal.


Yea, sounds like it. No harm in doing so really.

Could I’ve tightened the ziptie to hard? I didn’t feel like I was tightening it that hard but maybe I was.

No. Just increase it to 0.11 or even 0.12.

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