Motor twitching after arming - DSHOT/BLHeli issue?

After upgrading to the latest (dev) version, I found that apparently some changes have been made to BLHeli/DSHOT-related parameters, for example SERVO_DSHOT_ESC seems to be a new addition.

I tried my best to set them up but after arming the motor is twitching randomly. I tried several types of DSHOT but the issue remains. ESC telemetry is working and the motor reacts to throttle input, but with the twitching at zero throttle I obviously don’t want to risk flying.

Here are the parameters:


I could also make changes to the ESC settings using BLH passthrough and BLHeli32Suite, but at this point I wouldn’t know what to try. The ESC (Holybro Tekko32) is new and at default settings.

Thanks for any hints.

After testing for several hours it seems to me that new DSHOT problems were introduced along with the new parameters in the dev version. I’ve had ESC telemetry from a DSHOT BL_HELI32 ESC on another plane since 2019 and never had any issues.

The random motor switching that starts as soon as the craft is armed only appears when any type of DSHOT is selected in SERVO_BLH_OTYPE. With other modes, nothing happens. Swapping the ESC with one of another type didn’t change anything, the twitching was the same.

While the motor will certainly work fine as it did before using ONE SHOT, I upgraded this ESC specificly to monitor ESC temperature in hot weather by telemetry, and this unfortunately doesn’t work without DSHOT being selected.


Just in case this is helpful to others in the future: I was totally on the wrong path. It turned out that setting RC1_MIN = 1000 and RC1_MAX = 2000 fixed the twitching. I had been under the impression that these values are ignored when using DSHOT, so I had not paid attention to them.

Someone managed to decode the esc temperature and display it on telemetry port ?