Motor to esc connection

Hello everybody,

I have encountered a weird behavior during the motor to ESC connection.

I have carried out ESC calibration using a motor and it spins properly, then I have tried another motor with the same calibrated ESC but this motor does not spin properly and it starts heating, so I have decided to swap any two cables and the motor starts spinning as expected.

This image shows exactly the procedure I have followed, first configuration does not work but swapping cables solve the issue.

Any of you can give advice on this issue? I did not expect such behavior, I thought the second motor should work despite the order cables.

Motor used: T-motor MN501-S KV240
Esc used: T - motor AIR 40A

Also when I tight motor to rigid support it seems like it tights itself and the spinning part becomes harder to rotate, is it normal?

Any advice is appreciated best regards.

Check for mounting screws protruding too far into the motor and shorting a winding