Motor testing issue

I`m using MP, Ardu 4.2.1, while testing the motors, in some spinnings the motors are running in the correct direction and some of them are going on the oposite.
ESC calibration was done.

What could be the problen?


Like explained in the documentation, you need to switch two of the three wires that connect the ESC to the motor that is rotating in the wrong direction.

I did, it didn’t help.
Again, while testing the motors, some of the spins are on the right direction and dome not…

Ardu-what? Copter, Plane, Rover? For copter, the props need to spin in different directions.
If you switched two of the three motor cables, the motors will run in the other direction. If you did it right, there is no way “it did not help”


It’s ardu copter.
You got me wrong, while testing to motors (e.g, i tested motor A 5 times and 4 times it spinned to to right direction and in the fifth Time it spinned to the wrong direction).
Hope i made myself clear… :grinning:

Which ESC’s do you have? And post the parameter file.

I have air air 20 a esc’s.
How do i do the parameters issue?

I guess you mean T-motor Air. Connect to Mission Planner and from the Full Parameter List “Save to File” and attach the file here.

Could he have mixed up the analog and digital ESC connection?


It took me a while… :slight_smile:
Full.param (16.6 KB)