Motor testing failure; Command was denied by autopilot


I am trying to debug my quadcopter. I am using a brand new Cube Orange flight controller. It is connected by USB to a laptop. The controller is not connected to a battery, GPS, or safety switch, and I have disabled all of the arming checks. I have updated to the most recent 4.2.3 firmware for copters (quadcopter configuration).

I am trying to test the motors using Mission Planner. I would like to adjust the Motor 1 throttle in Mission Planner’s “Motor test” and see the corresponding change in the PWM signal in an oscilloscope. However, I receive the error “Command was denied by autopilot” for any test I try (ex: 20% for 10 seconds).

I can see 3.3 V pulses from MAIN 1 output of the CubeOrange, but they obviously don’t change. They are at a higher frequency and amplitude than the 5 V pulses I see from a servo tester. I wasn’t expecting that.

Am I forgetting any configuration step? I am new with quadcopters and Ardupilot and would appreciate any advice.

Did you disable the Safety Switch? Not connecting it doesn’t do that :slight_smile:

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Complementing @dkemxr response, if I am not mistaken, the FC will deny this command if you are sending it by USB (it is a safety concern about someone being close enough to a propelled motor and being injured during the test). Always perform it via telemetry radio.

Set these parameters and you should be OK


You can run it via USB, no issue with that.

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This worked! Thank you.

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I can confirm that I ran it with a USB once I followed @xfacta advice.

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