Motor test throttle 5% some motors won't spin

When I start Motor test process at 5% throttle some motrs spin in my hexacopter. but some motors won’t spin and the only have the beep sound. why is this happening ?.

at the first take off My drone I went through the motor test and this was happen
please help

Check the wiring on all motors.

Increase the value in 1% steps until all motors spin.

most motors aren’t the same, so the input need to make them start spining isn’t the same. That is specially visible on random brand motors.

Just raise the % until you find the value that start all. It also depends on temperature. The lower it is, the higher you need to adjust the %


When you do find the value that makes them all spin, reliably every time - you set that as MOT_SPIN_ARM
So if that value is 8% in motor test, you set 0.08 in MOT_SPIN_ARM.
Then you would add 0.03 to that and set MOT_SPIN_MIN, 0.11 for example.