Motor Test tab - confusing

Hi all,

I’m trying to verify that my frame configuration and physical connections are correct by spinning up each motor in turn, however I’m confused with the motor test tab under “Optional Hardware”. I can see six motors instead of four (labelled A - F) and my motors spin up when I click B, C, E and F - not ABCD like I would expect (and as this link suggests they should). They are connected to outputs 1-4 on the Pixhawk PX4.

My motor buttons look like this:

As well as the ‘test all motors’ and ‘test all in sequence’ buttons (which do not appear to work)

My frame config is as follows:

However this confuses me as well - how do I specify that my quad is an X frame and not a hex, octo, Y6A, octo-X or Y - surely that one option is not interchangeable with all those different types??? I had a look in the params and found one for frame type - it is set to “1” which corresponds to X frame, according to the description.


There are different firmware versions for each type (quad, hex, octa, etc). The type is selected as you have shown (x, plus, etc). So go back and install the quad firmware then select the frame config and the motor test page will show the correct number of motors!