Motor Test confusing! Does motor A=1 according to motor layout?

Hi I am new to Pixhawk and have just installed a Cube version on a Aeronavics Y6. On the diagrams motors are numbered 1.6 but in MP motor test they are listed A,B,C,D,E,F.
My question is quite simple. Does A=1 - B=2 - C=3 - D=4 - E=5 F=6?

I have the ‘NEW’ Y6 selected .

Thanks in advance.

MP version1.3.49
Model selected Y6B


It’s one of Arducopter’s little foibles.Motor numbers are usually diagonal and motor test letters start at front right and moves clockwise.That’s on quads and hexas.But expect something similar.Unless it’s different for Ys.

Aye up @Jagger thanks for the reply but thats pants! why can the motor test be numbered like the diagramme

So according to your explanation what is (Y6B)
Motor 1
Motor 2
Motor 3
Motor 4
Motor 5
Motor 6
So motor
A is 1
B is 3
C is 5
D is 2
E is 4
F is 6

Not having owned a Y6 I don’t actually know.But wire them up like the diagram and then run the test.That should answer the question.It’s a foible but not a particulalry bad one.Once you get past the crazy logic. :grinning:

If it is like OctoQuadX, it is:
A 1
B 2


In the case of X8, it will spin the top front-right motor first, then the bottom front-right, and proceed around with the same pattern.

@mlebret. Thanks for that. after trawling the tinter web I had come to that conclusion but its good to get it confirmed before I put the props on!

Thanks for the reply


You should to the motor test without the props on. You can put a bit of adhesive tape on the edge of the motor to “see” the rotation or sense it with the tip of a finger.


Hi Marc… Yep thanks for that… learned the hard way many moons ago while using Mikrokopter!