Motor stuttering after crash

So after a hard crash I replaced the frame and power distribution board.
Everything seems fine but when I test the motors it stutters. After doing some research I thought it may have been bad solder joints, so I redid everything from the power board to the ESCs and still motor problems.

I have a video if you want to check it out to have a better understanding of what I mean.
You can see especially the motor top left is having that problem.
Also here is the board i used

I think it may be the ESCs since they look a little scuffed up but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

That means that one of the wires to the motor has broken

The motors will do that if one of the phases is missing from the ESC’s. Check each ESC that you have voltage coming from each of the 3 wire phases. A&B, B&C, A&C.


after checking each motor with each ESC I found that only 1 motor was broken. Honestly very surprised that the ESCs are fine.
Thanks for the help!

Okay after more testing Im back to square one… This is my parts list
With an APM 2.5 Flight controller and a Turnigy nano-tech 3300mah 3S 45~90C Lipo Pack battery

Now after a hard fall i bought new ESCs and batteries and I’m still having motors burn out and or stutter. What can cause this to happen?? I’m at my wits end here with this …The last thing i could think of replacing is the 3DR power module.
What I thought might have happened is when I had one bad ESC or motor and when I was testing them each out they might have damaged each other. Would the only sure fire way is to buy everything new all over again? I’m stuck and need help with this

return the Motor to put the engine in certain operating esc he continues to do this, the engine is really defective or break in wiring.

ESC is also reset so do not say directly that he’s broken. mostly as an ESC in security state does nothing but an engine can also stutter.