Motor Stutter

Hi everybody,
I recently had a motor stutter on my Iris + front left motor. not knowing exactly what was happening I just spun it myself and it started spinning. Next I flew around for awhile and at some point it just nose dived into the ground. How can I know what is wrong with the motor or speed controller? I suspect the speed controller but how can I be sure?
the flight log is too big to attach

Well, without the logs, it’s going to be harder to find the problem. I’m still trying to learn how to decipher the logs, but there are a lot of people on this site that could give suggestions, “if” you had the log files. I’m interested in this subject, as I have a setup with an APM, that does the same thing, occasionally. One motor will studder on startup. If I arm IMMEDIATELY after the red/blue led flash, it usually starts fine. If I wait too long, I get the studder on one motor. Actually had it switch to a different motor once. VERY strange. I suspect in my case, it’s funky ESC’s, but you have a stock Iris+, right? :frowning: