Motor stops during flight with DShot300

Hi, I have a problem using DShot300 with my tricopter. It seems to works nice at the beginning but suddenly the Tri start spinning very fast. As it was in an auto mission didn’t see what exactly happened but I suspect that the rear motor stopped spinning witch could explain why the copter start spinning around itself very fast. The second possible theory is that the rear servo stuck at 0 or 100%. I just had time to switch auto mode off and tried to land the Tricopter manually but without success…breaking my copter arms. Well, as it happened again after I repairing my Tri (no damage this time as it crashed in sort of swamp), I tried to change from DShot300 to OneShot125 and now it does not have this kind of problem anymore. Here are technical infos:
FC: Matek H743
ESC: Turnigy Multistar BLheli_32 33A
I precise that I inspected all wires and connections and that all seems to be good
This is not really a “blocking” problem as I can fly with oneshot125 without any problem but I just like to understand why DShot300 causes motor stop.