Motor starts randomly with hardware safety switch not pressed

I just want let you know what happend. I don’t know if this is the right place but I really want to know the reason why it happend. There is not much to say. I was trying to setup my gimbal and was holding the Radio and suddenly only one motor began to spin at full power while the Hardwaresafetyswitch was disabled and damaged my monitor. Do you know what could be the reason? Copter version 4.6

Do you have some logs that we can look at? Did you touch any wires? Are you sure all your cables are OK? No short-circuits? No interruptions?

Was it maybe just after connecting the battery?
I have some random servo movements during the boot phase with MateksysF765. It takes only some seconds. ESC-s would not show this, they take some time for initialisation and arming.

Thank you for replying!
I have no logs because i never armed it(i also looked for a log). I have only touched the gimbal wires and had set a passthrough from the receiver to the gimbal and was flicking the switch which should control the gimbal but nothing happend. I had activated the switch ten times or so and then suddenly it started without me changing anything, one motor. Im pretty sure i have no short-cuircits because every wire is isolated with heat shrink tubing.

No, it was 5 min connected to the battery.
Thanks for your reply