Motor spin slowly


I’am building a rover with BLDC 57 мм 24V 103W Motor. (Motor)
And use Holybro Tekko32 F4 45A Blheli_32 as ESC (ESC)
Protocol: Dshot 150

But motors spin very slowly after arming in Manual mode at full throttle.

Is it ok to control such a motor with this kind of ESC? Or I have to use something like this? (Bigger ESC)

I’ve soldered common FPV 2107 motor instead of this one and it’s working just fine.
Board: pixhawk 2.4.8

Try PWM protocol before doing anything else.

Yeah, tried already. Same result.

I soldered the motor to my 6s fpv drone and got same result. BLDC 57 мм 24V spin slow, all the rest fpv motors spin as usual.
Drone is based on speedybee f7 v2 stack and inav.