Motor spin after armed but Motor Test not working

Hello all,

I have problem with takeoff flip forward. So I troubleshoot start with Motor Test in Mission Planner.

The problem is, Motor Test doesn’t spin my motor. It make some error beep (I guess). Please check out the video that I capture trying to show how the beep and LED goes when I click on test motor. Please help, I have no idea what is wrong. Thanks in advance.

The LED and Beep after I click on test motor. Motor doesn’t spin.

The following video show the motor can spin after armed.

The default test setting doesn’t work. I change the setting to 15% and 10 seconds. Now it’s working.

I think you should calibrate the throttle. Normaly, the motor should start to spin at 5%-10% throttle.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Calibrate throttle located at which part of Mission Planner?

see this link

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I have similar issue, mine is a Tarot X6, orange cube px4, in mission planner motor test runs at 14%
when I try take off some motors are not spinning unless I move radio sticks sideways of course the copter flips on its side.
I tried calibrating ESCs, numerous times, using remote process , and in mission planner, I think in mission planner its confusing, (unplug, replug, eetahh) not sure if it matters what ESC selection is made the ESCs are 40 amp X-Rotor Hobbywing 2-6s Lipo No Bec

If the motors wont all reliably start until 14% in the motor test then Change MOT_SPIN_ARM to 0.14 and MOT_SPIN_MIN to 0.17

it was set to :Mot_spin_arm .14 Min .05 max .95 I changed Min to .17 Now when armed the all run and throttle does nothing, ? I think my issue with calibrating ESC in mission planner is the instruction say press calibrate, disconnect USB and battery, plug in battery and when LEDs flash push safety switch, My Orange cube and here 3 do not have a safety switch that I know of? the calibrate instructions are severely lacking

Set this to disable the use of the safety switch

Then use the Semi Automatic ESC calibration method here

You know whats weird , I notice the drone is Not level, tipped forward actually, when armed and accelerated, the rear three motors run, if I prop up the front, the front ones run first, perhaps the motors are doing that because its not level. The front landing gear is not all the way up ?
I’ll try getting it level and run that ESC calibration, hey thanks for answering
safety enable was already a 0

Level the drone perfectly across the tops of the motors by packing under the landing gear. Don’t try to level the flight controller itself.
Then press Calibrate Level in MissionPlanner Mandatory Hardware section.

Most people will calibrate the flight controller before even fitting it to the frame, and the calibration is not accurate nor exactly how the flight controller will sit once fitted. That can be a valid part of testing and setting up a new flight controller before doing all the wiring, but it needs to be redone before first flight.

Thanks. I need it flying by tomorrow so yeah.
Will do that. I had done flight controller calibration when not mounted

The level thing was due to one landing leg not all the way down, its level now. . still front left three motors not idling when armed , they do run when throttle is raised eventually maybe it lifts off, was tipping over when doing that yesterday OK when calibrating it, using semi automatic way, it does one long beep, then four beeps. Never ends with Two beeps (like it says it should I think) . Is it calibrating correctly?

But after calibrate level all motors arming at once, fingers crossed it flys straight… Thanks

test flight it flipped over and broke the GPS mast. there must be a bunch of settings , my friend I’m building it for gave me another week (gotta order another GPS mast ) , I’m not a fan of the Orange cube yet!

If it flipped on takeoff the motor order is probably incorrect.

Has it ever flown with this parameters?

CubeOrange is great. Do not (yet) blame hardware if your parameters are borked.


Never been flown, its a hex and motor order online and shown in adrupilot were different.
there is the Hexa X and Hexa + , mine looks like Hexa +, the # 1 and 2 are front and back? like in this image , rotation was correct directions with propellers on correctly. hexa images

It’s still likely to be motor order or direction. 95% of the time either the order isn’t understood or and/or the sequence Mission Planners Motor Test Function is not.

Take care that the motor test order is A,B,C,D,E,F and not 1,2,3,4,5,6 !!!

Old question but still relevant, how does motor test letters (ABCDEFGH) identify with numbers (12345678)

It’s not really relevant. Motor outputs (numbers) depend on the type of craft (FRAME_CLASS), Mixing (FRAME_TYPE) and the order you have configured the outputs (SERVOx_FUNCTION). Motor Test Letters run in the same sequence irrespective of those. Some find this confusing or think it’s just wrong but it’s perfectly logical IMO.
You can order a quad to X, BetaflightX or DJIX and the number order will be different between them. But Motor Test will run them in the same order (A-D from front right then CW).