Motor Setup Issue

Howdy all, I seem to be having an issue getting my motors started up. Attempting to arm the craft results in this error.


The craft is a copter type tailsitter without vectored thrust.

(It needs a little more work, but I’m just trying to get some VTOL system working first.)

The motors work fine when using the Copter 4.1.0beta firmware, but QuadPlane is stubbornly uncooperative. Even when the vehicle is forced to arm, the throttle does nothing. The motor testing page in Mission Planner also does nothing (though this may be due to the difference in how “regular” Plane motors and QuadPlane motors are treated despite the Q_TAILSIT_GSCMSK setting). I’ve consulted the documentation to no avail. The Copter and QuadPlane parameters are attached. If someone could help to point me in the right direction, I would be extremely grateful.

Copter_2.param (16.5 KB) QuadPlane_3.param (19.8 KB)

As the documentation says you need to set Q_FRAME_CLASS and Q_FRAME_TYPE from the picture you want a plus quad. Then you would set Q_TAILSIT_MOTMX to specify the motors that should stay active in forward flight.

I have followed those steps to no avail.


The exact same error still occurs.

Q_FRAME_CLASS should be 1 for a quad

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Ah, thank you! It works well now.

It’s very nice, can you share the flight video? Are there control surface areas? Is not there?