Motor Rotation

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I’m so close on my first build I can taste it, but after finally getting my ESCs calibrated I came to a horrible realization – they are ALL spinning the wrong direction. Now, I get why you can’t have one or two or three of them off, but if all 4 are incorrect…is that an issue?

I’m just hoping I don’t have to tear the whole thing apart again to swap them if it’s not necessary. At least now I know enough so next time I can test all these things at the start!

Just swap the position of 2 of the 3 cables that go from the esc to the motor

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Yeah, I know how to fix it, I was just quietly hoping I wouldn’t need to if they were all switched. The ESC connectors are kind’ve buried inside of the body so it’s a decent amount of disassembly to get at them. Looks like that’s what’s going to happen though, cause I don’t want to mess around with reversing my yaw gyro.

Ouh, that’s tough luck ^^.

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My first appearance on the forum.

We built a 3DR Y6 recently and noticed that on the Y6B configuration the top motors spins clockwise and the bottom motors anti-clockwise looking from the top.

The problem we had is a safety issue where the motors that are supplied has clockwise turning thread.

So if the motor spins up in a clockwise direction the natural thing will be for the propeller nut to want to un-screw.

We changed the direction of the motors for the top motors to spin anti-clockwise and the bottom motors clockwise looking from the top.

The only thing we also had to do is to swop the ESC signal wires per arm. ie. swop 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6. If this is not done the aircraft will not be able to correctly control yaw!

You also have to put the Pusher prop at the bottom.

Flies well and now the prop nuts will always want to fasten.

Just wanted to share this.