Motor power output problem

Hi. Recently dusted off my quads after many years on the shelf and uptated my firmware. As expected ran into some problems which have mostly been resolved. My pixhawk updated fine, re tuned and fly’s great. On my other more powerful quad i have a pixfalcon. It has always been fine until update. My problem is motor number 4 is over thrusting, lifting the back right side of my quad and inhibiting being able to tune correctly. I remember playing with settings that may be related to this issue with my old V frame. I have also calibrated my esc’s which are RCTimer 40A BLHeli which are just set to normal. Note too that these esc’s are on my pixharwk quad too. I have also done a fai bit of searching but as time goes on, info on the web gets burried. P.S I think this is the first time I’ve opted for the easy post option lol. Any help would be great

Also, I changed motor and esc and same result. I am thinking its a calibration issue, if not how could I manually change motor output power?

Quad X with Pixfalcon, FRSky 8XR
Motors 4x Sunnysky X3108 with Tmotor 11x3.7L props
ESC 4x RCTimer 40A BLHeli calibrated as Oneshot125

Done a full reset then setup today. Further studied esc settings, same problem. Motor 4 over powers quad on punchout. Roll and pitch are tuned and work really well. Yaw is at the mercy of an out of sync motor 4.

Sorted. ESC 3 was a dud. Motor 4 and ESC 4 are fine. Maybe never noticed this on previous firmware as it was my camera quad and flew it very easy. Had a gimbal and retractable landing gear which was removed before update. I actually ripped the pixfalcon out and installed my old APM only to see the same result which left only two possibilities, turnes out it was the esc 3.