Motor ouput

My quad flies very well and is stable, but I have noticed that the #1 and #2 motors get considerably hotter than #3 and #4. In checking the logs, the outputs to the motors is considerably different between the 2 sets of motors. #1&2. The difference is approx 200 which probably accounts for the difference in heat. What could cause this and yet the quad flies quite well?

Check the CoG and CoL. If the CoG was e.g. moved to the front, the FC would have to spin the front motors higher to keep the Copter level, leading to more strain on those.

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The #1 and #2 motors are the right front and the left rear I believe and this is what I can’t figure. If it were the two front or rear I could see the cog being off. Am I mistaken on the motor locations? The mot log shows the 1 and 2 motors with the higher output.

Do those two motors spin the same way. If so it might suggest one or more booms are “twisted” which will try to make the copter spin. The apm will fight this.

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That is a distinct possibility as this is my test/crash quad. I is a low cost metal frame and has had several boo boos. The motors seem by eye balling them that there is some alignment issues. Thanks for the suggestion.

it doesn’t take much misalignment in my experience.

hope you sort it.

Will probably retire that quad as I am building a 600 size so I can swing 17" props and get more flight time. With a gopro and brushless gimbal I only get 5-6 minutes with a 3s 5000 bat.