Motor only starts spinning when pwm is at 1500

i am currently trying some experimental setups for a wall suction drone where i will need just a singular proppeller to spin at various speeds, but somehow the prop only starts spinning at 50% throttle and gives me 50% power from that point.

i a using a flysky i6s TX and Flysky ia6B RX to control my Hobbywing 6A ESC and T-motor velox 1950KV either directly from the RX or thru the pixhawk with gps module.

i dont need any failsafes for now i am just trying to test the capabities of my desgin my modulation the thrust.

There is something wrong in the configuration of your Hobbywing 6A ESC.
Post the ESC configuration here.

i am going to be honest i dont know what you need me to show you i am a total noob. do you need a picture of the physical setup or software side?

but i have followed all esc calibration steps provided by hobbywing and the missionplanner

if you cannot find a motor diagram to suit your design, I do not think you can use Arducopter firmware. these are selected from the frame class and type.

Try your luck to see if there is one that fits your need. Maybe this is what you are looking for, SingleCopter and CoaxCopter.

A complete diagram example guide can be found here. Holybro Pixhawk 6C Wiring Quick Start.

Do you mean Hobbywing 60A or 6A ESC? Which Velox series?

You may want to consider shifting your post there?