Motor only have 2 speeds stop and full

what happens is that i armed the drone to test the throttle control and at 25% throttle the motors start and then they keep on accelerating non-stop until top speed.

Does anyone know whats going on???

Post a log

ok let me know if you find something the channel 3 have the up and down response so the motor should have accelerated and deaccelerated as the channel 3 moved up and down.

The test should be done in Stabilize mode first. It looks like a radio problem as you only have two things Min and Max on Channel 3, Throttle.

Hook it up to Mission Planner and check the radio configuration to see how your radio channels respond.


i have redone the radio calibration several times and i can see the bar moving up and down and every value in the middle from 1012 to 2022 in testing and in calibration. what else can i do or am i doing something wrong???

BTW my remote controller is a radiolink T6EHP FHSS 2.4 GHz 6channel