Motor not shutting off when parachute deployment is commanded

Running 4.5.3 arduplane.

Used setup instructions posted here.

Parameter file is here:
SH 6-3-2024.param (20.6 KB)

Current behavior:

I have a switch on my transmitter set to RC6 option 22. Upon a high PWM signal from throwing the switch the Cube Orange+ makes three loud beeps, displays that the chute has released on the HUD and throws the servo (Servo9, aux 1 position on the servo rail) to the release chute position value of 1100 which would release my chute. The motor does not stop when I have it in stabilize mode or FBWA mode nor any other mode I have tried.

I am also unable to trigger chute release at all while in auto mode. I followed the instructions posted and was unable to test the automatic release of the chute (which is fine for me as I only ever want it to release by activating the switch on my transmitter).

What I need:

  1. I need the motor to disarm itself when the chute release command is sent.
  2. I would also like the ability to make a Lua Script that would also disable the motor AND release the chute, I have only been able to find this for a Lua Script regarding chute release.

Quick and dirty test in SITL indicates that motor should stop in automatic throttle modes (at least if pilot throttle is down), please post a log file demonstrating the issue.

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Make sure you have CHUTE_ENABLE,1 set. It’s still set to 0 in that parameter file you posted. RC6_OPTION,22 won’t work until you have the rest of the parachute configuration set.

In my experience the chute switch manipulates the CHUTE_ENABLE, it is 0 if chute is disabled or locked out.

Yes, that’s right, there is some silliness there. Now you say that I remember running into that when using the 3-pos switch on a quad.

IMHO the chute code deserves a rewrite.

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You are all correct, I found the dev blog section showing this problem. They did do a slight rewrite but the code does not appear to be working as the instructions say it does. So I’ll just have to kill throttle manually via my transmitter as part of the chute deploy procedure :frowning: